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Nathan Varner

Something Different

My First Short Film
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I have always been in love with making art and being a part of the filmmaking process. I have always been interested in applying myself to a project and seeing what can come from it. I love the creative process and being an active part of a collaboration. Film-making and video creation have been something I have been continuously working on since the earliest years of my life. From filming home movies on a Nintendo 3DS to random video editing, filmmaking has always been a very active part of my development.

I have been fortunate enough to have been given opportunities to win some awards for my work over the years. Creating something you are proud of is not only challenging and time-consuming, but it is a unique experience to the craft alone. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, stressed, or unhappy with what I am working on, I remember what I am doing and what I am a part of realizing. We are here to have fun and to translate that same feeling through the camera. 

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